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Anti Shake Coil Winding Machine

Anti Shake Coil Winding Machine

The machine adopts automatic control system to realize a series of actions such as automatic winding, winding terminal and automatic reversing, etc: the machine can be one-time take put 

the skeleton, one-time around the four coil skeleton, automatic terminals winding, production efficiency, filled the domestic and foreign pure manual, there is no corresponding automatic coil winding machine technology gap 


★ 4 stations work at the same time, each station can be independently adjusted, control the temperature, more refined, meet the  requirements of high quality products.

★ Automatic reversing mechanism, after winding the coil can automatically reverse, do not need to participate in the manual  action, to ensure the consistency

★ Servo tension controller, more stable output tension!

★ Personalized interface, simple debugging does not need to connect to the computer, easy to operate, easy to learn! 

★ Program adjustment visualization, fault alarm at any time, even if people do not know the machine can quickly find the problem point, quickly troubleshooting.

Anti Shake Coil Winding Machine(图1)

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