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BLDC Motor Winding Machine

BLDC Motor Winding Machine

The machine adopts the special control technology of our company and makes the product of inner winding through the way of outer winding. Greatly improved the production efficiency; It is the first time that the machine adopts 4 working stations for winding at the same time. 


★ This control system of this model adopts Yaskawa servo control,so the stability and high efficiency of the slot position can be ensured.

★ This series of machine adopts sinking waste line collecting deviceto ensure all waste lines enter into the line slot accurately, which solves the problem of waste line flying randomly and eliminates the hidden danger of electrical short circuit caused by waste line;

★ This series of models use simple replacement fixture system, can be completed in a few minutes to change the style;

★ This series of models are produced at the same time with 4 stations,and the production efficiency is greatly improved

★ This series machine adopts more humanized interface, simple modification of parameters can be completed without connecting to the computer

BLDC Motor Winding Machine(图1)

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