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    Founded in 2013, Shanghai Dajing Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Shanghai Songjiang district import and export processing zone, which is a high-tech industry for winding equipment. The company has more than 300 square meter s of research center s with professional winding machine, automatic production line related professional design team and processing team.

    The company is mainly engaged in the design and development of automated winding equipment. It has made remarkable achievements in the field of microelectronic winding. Some machines such as VCM coil winding machine and anti-shake coil winding machine have filled the blank of domestic and foreign winding technology. In the meantime, we also obtained relevant patents, and are highly evaluated by the electronic coil suppliers of well-known brands such as Apple and Huawei. Moreover, in the field of motor winding, adapting to the industrial automation trend, the brushless motors are intensively utilized. Because of that, our company has also designed our own inner winding machine having nearly the same quality as well as some famous foreign brands. What is more, we designed the first multi-station BLDC motor coil winding machine to fill the market gap. Our company has been adhering to our philosophy of making the best winding machine in China, and has always been striving to be a first-class winding equipment supplier!

    We have been committed to the professional design, development, manufacturing and sales of fully automatic winding machine equipment. In addition, we support automated production lines, constantly improving existing equipment, developing new and advanced equipment to meet the increasing demand for various winding machines. Moreover, we provide customization of non-standard automation equipment for customers in various industries.

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