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Introduce several common winding machine control systems

The development trend of the winding machine has experienced several technical innovations and independent innovations. From the initial hand-wound winding machine to the automatic CNC winding machine, the high efficiency and performance have been greatly improved. The level of automation technology is also getting higher and higher, and many modern high-tech technologies are gradually appearing in the control system of the winding machine. The technical development trend of the control board of the winding machine is roughly divided into a simple control system, a CNC control system, and a servo motor. Control 3 links.

 (1) Simple winding machine control system

The system software is applied to the initial simple winding machine. The function is relatively simple. It can only keep the electronic device count, total production, and the spindle bearing forward and reverse facing control. The key control modules are generally designed with single chip. Most of the low-end winding machine control systems on the market now use this type of control method. The single-chip design control system is selected. The initial manual winding machine has high level of automation technology, light weight and high linearity. It relieves the workers of construction workers.

 (2) CNC winding machine control system

The CNC control system was introduced in the UK, mainly in the United States and Japan. The CNC control system was first used in China's Taiwan, and the Chinese manufacturers developed too late. Therefore, the reliability and performance of the original domestic CNC control board are not comparable to those of Taiwan. Original products, after many years of development trend, the performance of the domestic CNC control system and the Taiwanese products at this stage have no significant difference. The CNC control panel is the control panel with the highest number of automatic winding machines at present, and its excellent expansion performance makes it There are many classifications of CNC winding machines, such as single-axis and multi-axis. Reference 13 details the application of PLC in the automatic winding machine of CNC machine tools. The internal soft contact points of the program flow are used to replace the previous mechanical equipment contact points. The internal electronic counter of the program flow replaces the past dialing electronic counters and cooperates with each other. The application of the touch screen can reduce the design cycle time, and the installation adjustment is very convenient. It not only considers the sequence logic control and the periodic/counter control, but also ensures the accuracy of the part control.

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(3) Servo motor high-precision winding machine control system

The emergence of high-precision control system is able to meet the requirements of modern precision processing of high-quality enameled wire capacitors, because the automatic winding machine uses a dual servo motor plus PLC design, its linearity is far more than the general winding machine control system The PLC control module makes the function of the winding machine more self-determining, which is common in the production and processing of capacitors with higher precision.