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Automatic winding machine safety use precautions

Many automatic winding machine customers are installed and equipped according to the factory's settings and equipment. Some customers must change the position and function of the winding machine to meet their own production process. The winding machine is designed. In the production and manufacture of the scheme, a certain position capacity is generally reserved for convenient maintenance, replacement of components, etc., and customers with this capacity can make certain improvements, but all improvements must be performed within the maximum allowable value of the equipment, and blindly follow the modified equipment. Will damage the device.

    The main shaft bearing of the winding machine is the driving force shaft indicating the rotation of the enameled wire. The winding machine with different specifications and models has different spindle bearing. The adjustment of the main shaft bearing of the winding machine generally includes the following multiple layers: Axis position, coaxiality adjustment, additional winding processing, the adjustment of the position of the shaft is generally because the spacing between the spindle bearing and the countertop in the winding process is not in accordance with the production process, each process The process must have a certain working indoor space. The adjustment of the position of the output shaft should pay attention to the size of the punching position of the outer casing. After the adjustment, it will endanger the normal operation of other components; the coaxiality adjustment is the most commonly used, winding. After the machine has been in operation for a period of time, the coaxiality between the bobbin and the ejector pin will cause errors and must be repaired and adjusted immediately.

    The adjustment of the line row equipment is generally the adjustment of the line spacing and the rotation straightness. The adjustment of the line spacing is because the adjustment of the winding point and the winding processing of the equipment is not necessary, and the method is generally the return sensing of the mobile terminal. Switch, it must be noted that the position can not move beyond the mechanical equipment end of the equipment, must leave a certain capacity, to ensure that the equipment is not easy to produce mechanical equipment impact when returning. The winding machine will also be differently adjusted due to the different manufacturers' manufacturing. Before the adjustment, the customer should immediately contact the manufacturer to understand the key points of adjustment.

    Hollow capacitor winding machine

    After the whole equipment of the automatic winding machine is adjusted, it is necessary to pay attention to the whole process of the operation. Many customers have caused safety accidents in the whole process of the winding machine because they are not improving. The operation of the automatic winding machine must be properly put on the clothes. Female workers are tied with long straight hair, and then wear a square towel to ensure that the sleeves are tight and the hair is tight. It is strictly forbidden to work with rubber gloves. How to ensure the safety education of automatic winding machine in the whole process? Do the following:

    1. Before the start of the automatic winding machine, carefully consider whether there is any dirt on the table in the working of the winding machine. The screw on the winding machine has not fallen off. The main switch of the power supply has a good connection. The specification of the enameled wire is in compliance with the regulations. . Check the standard to be able to start, and find that common faults should be reported to the foreman or biotech staff for repair.

    2. After the start-up, first empty the car to operate once, pay attention to check the winding line of the winding machine, the number of winding coils, the reset method, the parking position, etc., are not in compliance with the regulations, if the regulations are not met, it is necessary to repeat the process, again Adjust until the rules are met.

    3. When the actual operation is found to have a screw off and an abnormal sound, please press the emergency stop button immediately and report to the foreman or biotech staff for repair.

    4. When the winding machine is running at high speed, it is forbidden to touch the fitness components, strictly implement the standard operating equipment for the actual operation of the winding machine, and it is strictly forbidden to start the equipment when hanging the wire, loading and unloading the skeleton drawing fixture.

    5. Before leaving work, the operator should carefully clean and maintain the equipment according to the regulations, and do a good job of daily cleaning of the surrounding places.