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What is the working principle of the coil winding machine?

1. Scope of application

The method is applicable to the winding of the stator winding machine of the single-phase and three-phase asynchronous motor and the coil of the rotor winding machine.

2. Materials

2.1 Electromagnetic wire, lacquered copper round coil.

2.2 Cotton cord.

3, about the winding machine and tools

3.1 A winder with a counter and equipped with a shelf for the device reel and a felt-lined clamping plate and tensioning device.

3.2 Winding mode.

3.3 Common tools for winding: wire cutters, scissors, wrenches, calipers

3.4 Inspection tools and instruments: micrometers and numbers.

3.5 Station equipment.

Winding machine

4. Winding machine before starting the process

4.1 Prepare the technical documents and materials required for coil winding and the tools required for winding

4.2 Check the wire diameter and install the wire reel on the wire shelf (see the attached table for the common enamelled copper round wire parameters).

4.3 Check the wire die size and install it on the spindle of the winder.

4.4 Commissioning operation: adjust the winding speed of the winding machine, check the counter and adjust to the zero position

4.5 Wrap the end of the enamelled round copper wire on the main shaft of the winding machine, and then tighten the enamelled round copper wire to the proper tightness (straighten the enameled wire without loosening the enameled wire and destroying the insulation).

5. Winding machine process

5.1 Leave the beginning of the wire as long as it is, and fix it on the pin made by the winding model.

5.2 Start the winding machine and wind the first coil. The wires are arranged neatly and tightly from left to right in the groove. There must be no crossover. Stop when the counter reaches the specified number of turns

5.3 Leave the connecting line and wind the remaining coils in the same way.

5.4 Leave the end lead at the specified length and cut the wire.

5.5 Remove the winding mold, take out the coil one by one, and tie the upper and lower ends of the coil.

5.6 According to the 5.1~5.5, the whole motor winding is completed, and after the inspection by the number meter, it is laid out and placed neatly in the station equipment for storing the coil.

6. Coil quality check

6.1 The first part of each batch of coils must be inspected according to the relevant technical documents before being put into production.

6.2 The following items should be checked during normal production.

6.2.1 Check the number of turns of each coil with the number of turns tester in accordance with the drawings.

6.2.1 The number of joints of the wires shall not exceed one in each coil, and there shall be no more than two coils in each phase. Each motor shall not exceed four places, and the joints shall be at the oblique sides of the ends. The wrapping shall comply with the provisions of 7.1. .

6.2.3 The coils in the station equipment shall be arranged neatly and shall not damage the insulation.

7. Winding machine technical safety and precautions

7.1 Welding is allowed when the length of the wire is insufficient or broken, but the following rules must be observed.

7.1.1 The joint position is only allowed to be beveled at the end of the coil.

7.1.2 Welding shall ensure good contact, sufficient mechanical strength and smooth surface.

7.1.3 The length of the insulating sleeve at the joint should be greater than 15 mm.

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