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What are the advantages of the winding machine winding coil?

The emergence of automatic winding machines has promoted the further development of the coil processing industry. The automatic winding machine's streamlined workflow, in addition to the improvement in efficiency, quality, and non-conforming products are reduced. There are seven advantages to using an automatic winding machine to wind the electric appliance. Below, we will listen to the vertical and horizontal winding machine manufacturers.

1. Through the plc controller, the winding speed, number of times, time of the automatic winding machine can be precisely adjusted, and debugging is also convenient.

2. The cable is tight and tidy, and the wire diameter deformation is not affected.

3, according to different input procedures, can be wound around a variety of different windings in the same machine, one person's labor can complete the work of the past ten people, productivity and efficiency.

4, and the automatic winding machine can continue to work continuously, the efficiency is greatly improved, and the cost of the enterprise is reduced.

5. Fully automatic winding machine saves energy.

6, the workshop staff can complete the operation after simple training, more humane.

7. The samples that can be wounded are more diverse.

The development trend of winding machines has become more automated, intelligent, user-friendly, diversified, and automatic winding opportunities have increased the efficiency of work and the development of the coil industry. Of course, with the development of the industry, the requirements for winding machines are getting higher and higher, and it is necessary to develop more efficient, energy-saving and multifunctional equipment.

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