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How to improve the efficiency of the automatic winding machine?

Nowadays, automatic mechanical production replaces manual labor. In the electronic and electrical coil winding industry, most manufacturers have replaced manual winding machines with automatic winding machines, which can greatly improve the efficiency of work. However, as the demand increases, the automatic winding machine also needs to improve its working efficiency. Today, we can easily understand how to improve the efficiency of the automatic winding machine.

First, we need to detect the current of the motor load of the automatic winding machine. When the monitored load current of the dense winding machine increases, the balance of the three-phase current can also be monitored. Under normal circumstances, when the maximum value of the two-phase current does not exceed At rated current values, the unbalanced current should not exceed 10%. If the difference is large, the stator winding may have short circuit, open circuit, reverse drive or other single phase operation of the motor. At this point, stop immediately, find out the cause, and then troubleshoot and use. Large-capacity automatic winding machine control devices are generally equipped with an ammeter to monitor its current at any time. Small-capacity automatic winding machines generally do not have an ammeter, but are also used to measure a clamp-type ammeter.

The overspeed operation of the automatic winding machine can also increase the frequency of the winding machine power supply voltage, or drag the test winding machine with the auxiliary winding machine to increase the speed.

In addition, in order to improve the power supply and voltage frequency of the automatic winding machine, an inverter device is currently used. The method of increasing the speed is to reduce the excitation current or increase the armature terminal voltage. However, the increase of the terminal voltage is less than the rated voltage, and lowering the excitation current causes the rotational speed to rise steadily.

These are methods that can improve the efficiency of the automatic winding machine. After these operations, the work efficiency can be relatively increased, and the production can be accelerated and the production efficiency can be improved.